Elf Seeker


Lucian originates from Theron, a verdant island located between the two empires of Argonia and the Eladrin, though closer to Argonian borders than Eladrin; its small elf community traded with independent traders and passing ships. Raised in a rural elf community, Lucian learned the ways of the hunter at a young age, excelling in his ability to command the flora and fauna around him. As he became of age, he took leadership of his island’s people. When the expansion of the Argonian Empire brought his island into the conflict, Lucian led a small warband against the humans seeking the island’s natural resources. Lucian’s efforts were futile; he watched as his island burned under the Argonian advance, laying waste to the island piece by piece and harvesting its rich resources. Lucian’s handful of hunters fought until only he remained, battling the humans on the edges of his island’s lush growth and the near-volcanic desolation left by the Argonian advance. Through this battle, Lucian formed a Bloodbond with the spirits of Theros, channeling nature’s fury through his bow. After days of constant battle against the advancing columns of conquerors, the warrior could fight no more. Defeated, Lucian retreated, gathering the island’s survivors and fleeing onto a nearby trade ship. Lucian now beared bearing the weight of hiss home island’s fate, his people, and his burning desire for retribution upon those responsible. Lucian, arriving at an independent port, arranged for his people to move to an elf enclave on Fellos, near the edge of the Eladrin Empire, with whom they maintained close relations. Having ensured that his people found safety, Lucian began hopping ships in hopes of finding the path to his revenge. His skills as a hunter and knowledge of wild nature combined with the lingering spirit of Theron and his burning hunger for vengeance had molded him into a fierce warrior.

Arriving on the island of Tortuga, Lucian begins his routine search for quests that might lead to his ultimate goal…


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