Samael Shadewalker


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Samael was born on the island Faroër which was stationed right in the middle of the human-Eladrin war. Both sides fought over the island which was at a strategically advantageous point for both sides, so the city was under constant attack and had an extremely unstable leadership. Samael grew up as a street rat in the port city of Der Hafen. From the streets he learned to be sneaky and fast, but the most important lesson he learned was how to survive. He became disillusion at a young age about the world and learned of the cruelty of sentient beings. One day when Samael was 12 years old, his life as a street rat changed as he attempted to pickpocket the wrong man.
As Samael went for the pickpocket his hand was suddenly grabbed by the very man whose pockets he had just been reaching for. Samael froze. His mind was racing a mile a minute. The man could have Samael jailed for what he had done. Samael just stood there knowing the man’s iron grip would be impossible for him to escape. The man eyed the young tiefling critically before walking forward dragging the young lad with him. Samael just followed putting up little resistance to the obviously stronger man.
Samael believed he was headed for the gallows, but by a stroke of luck the man took him back to his house. He introduced himself as Lloyd an ex-marine, an ex-pirate, and an ex-assassin. He was a man of few words which fit his previous professions. He resolved to pass his legacy on to Samael for he had no children.
Over the next ten years, Samael was trained, at first unwillingly then willingly in the arts of killing. Lloyd taught Samael all he knew. He watched as Samael grew to be a trained killer. However, Lloyd also taught Samael philosophies from around the world including his own philosophy. When Samael heard of Lloyd’s personal philosophy, he embraced it. The philosophy’s basic principle was that the concepts of good and evil are flawed and that one must balance both dark and light. Samael loved the philosophy and studied it every chance he got.
Then one day, a massive battle broke out between the human and Eldarin forces. A stray arrow pierced Lloyd’s side rupturing his kidney and spewing blood everywhere. As Samael held his master as he passed on, he listened to Lloyd’s final words.
“Samael. I have taught you everything I know. Now you must go on without me by your side. Here take my signet ring on it is the symbol of the Assassin’s Guild. Should you ever require it, you will have friends to take you in. Now go and live your life. I sense a great destiny ahead of you. Remember in this world and especially in the path you walk that nothing is true; everything is permitted. Goodbye Samael, my son.”
With Lloyd’s dying breath Samael’s fury broke. He killed numerous men on both sides of the battle field in his rage, earning him the moniker Samael Shadowblade.
For 5 years now Samael has sailed the seas honing his skills and hunting the great destiny that his father saw within him. This hunting has led Samael to the island of Tortuga where he just signed on to a ship bound for an uncharted island.

Samael Shadewalker

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